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Quirky Cornwall and Devon Things To See

As a Devon wedding photographer, you might think that my time was taken up with stately homes and cool venues. While I am lucky enough to spend time visiting and shooting weddings and civil ceremonies at a range of amazing venues it is the quirkier side of Cornwall and Devon I want to write about today. There are some weird and wonderful Devon things to see which make for great engagement shoots, family photographs, places to recommend to wedding guests to see while they are in the area or simply for you and your family to enjoy. 

Here are just some of the magical Devon things to see that I’ve picked out for your pleasure. I’ve seen some myself and have heard rave reviews about the others!

The Gnome Reserve

If you love walking, wildflowers and gnomes, the Gnome Reserve could be the Devon destination for you. With a collection of over a thousand gnomes, this is a family-run visitor attraction which is one of the most quirky Devon things to see that I’ve come across. Ask nicely and you may be allowed to borrow one of the gnome costumes to take some photographs.  

If you’re looking for something a little different to enjoy on the run-up to your Devon wedding day, or somewhere to recommend to any guests staying in the area, this is one place worth looking up.

Men an Tol

You won’t be transported back in time if you step through this stone circle (a shameless Outlander reference). That said, Cornish folklore insists that anyone with health issues, i.e. injuries or illnesses will be healed if they do. It is also said that if women pass through during a full moon that they will be blessed with pregnancy soon afterwards. Whether you believe such things or not, Men an Tol is steeped with history and thought to be from either Neolithic or Bronze Age times. Make sure you treat the area with respect though and step carefully as the area is said to be looked after by Cornish Piskies and Faeries. 

Berry Pomeroy Castle

The ruins of this 15th century Tudor-style castle offer a great impression of what the buildings would have looked like in that long-past era. It isn’t the architecture however that pulls in the many visitors it receives every year. There are said to be several supernatural inhabitants of Berry Pomeroy Castle who haunt the ruins in torment. Stories of ghostly inhabitants include two brothers who reportedly rode off the ramparts on their horses instead of accepting crushing defeat in battle, to a sorrowful blue-clad lady. If supernatural stories are your thing this is one place you and your guests should consider while in Devon. Ghouls and ghosts aside, Berry Pomeroy is a lovely place to enjoy a walk and to explore.

Burgh Island

If you are looking for something delightfully different to do in the run-up to your Devon wedding or for guests to enjoy, take a look at Burgh Island, off the beautiful Devonshire coastline. Sitting approximately 280 yards across Bigbury Beach the island boasts beautiful views and a decadent Art-Deco style hotel (favoured by Agatha Christie and numerous other famous names).

What’s more, to get to Burgh Island you will enjoy a sea tractor ride which involves sitting above the water while the wheels of the sea tractor move across the sand under the waves. How this modern incarnation of the sea tractor works is worth exploring almost as much as the hotel itself which boasts some seriously impressive themed rooms.

Quirky Cornwall and Devon Things To See

There is a vast array of weird and wonderful Cornwall and Devon things to do and see. I’ve lived and worked as a wedding photographer in Devon for many years and am sure that I’ve merely scratched the surface of her many charms. Hopefully, these few suggestions will give you an idea of the types of Devon things to do and see. 

These destinations could be perfect for entertaining wedding visitors, hen or stag days, engagements shoots and more. 

If you are looking for something specific don’t hesitate to ask as I may be able to recommend somewhere I’ve attended weddings at, visited with my family or have heard of. 

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