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Wedding Laws Shake-Ups Could Mean New Wedding Venues

Did you know that there are legal restrictions governing where you may physically choose to get married? Outdated rules put in place back in Victorian times still govern English and Welsh law. Challenges to these laws could ultimately mean that couples will have a vast amount of choice in where they held their ceremonies. Right now, there are many places such ceremonies can’t take place. As a Devon wedding photographer, I would love to see my couples have more options. This would make it easier to break away from the usual if wished when choosing where to hold their special day.

The Law Commission has announced that they will be looking once more at so-called old-fashioned wedding laws. This review will be extensive, look at a number of factors and likely take approximately two years to complete. 

What New Legislation Will Look Like

The plan is to allow couples to marry in their homes or gardens, on military bases, on a boat or at a number of other previously unavailable locations. This would enable couples to customise their civil ceremonies further without restriction. Having taken photos at people’s own home on the run-up to the church or civil venue before, I am able to enthusiastically confirm that the magic doesn’t come from a venue but from the people involved in the wedding.

Why Are These Changes Being Made?

A report from 2015 has confirmed that opinion dictates that the laws as they remain are too restrictive and are not in keeping with what modern life and modern relationships look like. Having to choose between a registry office or registered venue as we move into a new decade with 2020 seems archaic and this move also looks to celebrate and support marriages.

New Laws and New Devon Wedding Venues

As a Devon wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph countless weddings at numerous different locations. This won’t change if and when the laws are revised however, it will allow more choice. If all goes to plan the sky really will the limit in terms of where you can host your special day. Why not break away from the “norm” and get married in a Dartmoor forest and enjoy the whisper of magic as the breeze dances through the trees? Swap high heels for flats and one of the many beaches along the Devonshire coastline. Go wild with a  ceremony on High Willhays, one of Devon’s two official mountains. The important thing is to make sure that your Devon wedding is one which will reflect you as a couple, your likes, hobbies and more. Personally, I welcome a shake-up of the rules.

How much leeway there will be in terms of where you may enjoy your civil ceremony is yet to be seen. With so many amazing places of natural beauty in and around Devonshire to choose from I look forward to hearing the outcome of the review.

If you could be married anywhere in Devon, where would it be? I look forward to seeing what couples come up with once new laws are introduced. I’m not quite sure how I would capture a hot air balloon wedding but I would love to try!

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