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Services and Price Guide

I offer commercial photography services, specialising in architecture, interiors, design, and lifestyle. Additionally, I provide floor plan services, aerial photography, and dusk photography. My rates range from £170 for an hour and a half to £650 for up to 10 hours.

My prices include a comprehensive creative process and post-production work for each day of shooting. Additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are covered separately.

A meticulous, creative process requires careful attention to detail and expertise. I use first-rate professional equipment, and if required, I undertake pre-production tasks such as advanced site visits and site-specific preparations.

Post-production involves significant effort to perfect your images after the shoot. This includes multi-exposure blending, colour correction, retouching, and compositing. Post-production work can often take as much, if not more, time as actual photography.

Please feel free to contact me with any photography enquiries.

Each project is unique, and I prioritise transparency with no hidden fees. Weather and light conditions can affect architectural photography and aerial shots, so I plan accordingly to achieve the best results.

Your photographs will be archived for five years, with a small admin fee for retrieval after the first year. You have unrestricted use of your images, provided they are not sold or redistributed for commercial purposes.

I focus on documentary-style photography that captures the interplay between human presence and the built environment, specialising in architecture, interiors, people, and places in various settings.


Things to note:

—There is no limit on the number of photographs taken or delivered (if they make the final edit).

—All prices include post-processing and fast delivery of your image gallery.

—As I am not VAT registered, no VAT will be added.

—Aerial photographs (when applicable & weather permitting) are included in my rates.

—The price for a branded next-day floor plan is £75.

—Travel expenses are charged at £0.50 per mile after the first 10 miles.


Wisteria Kitchens - Interior Design Photographer, Sue Vaughton