I am an architectural interior photographer based in Devon. I specialise in capturing the unique ambience of both commercial and residential settings in an authentic way. My photography style blends lifestyle and portraiture elements, and I enjoy working with creative individuals who are open to new ideas. This helps me to effectively showcase the special features of your space. When I am not working on commissioned projects, I spend time on my personal practice and conceptual projects. This allows me to explore broader themes such as family and relationships, memory, and grief beyond my commercial work.
Sue Vaughton

Have you ever considered the stories that different spaces can tell through photography? My love for photography developed from a curiosity about life in diverse environments. My father, a petroleum engineer, was my inspiration. Our family moved frequently from Bahrain to Libya, Tehran, New Orleans, and other countries. These early experiences, captured by my father and preserved in the family archive, have always shaped my perspective.

My love for photography didn’t fade as I grew up; I studied art and design and subsequently specialised in photography, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Nottingham Trent. I worked in medical photography from there, but my love for travel soon took over. I found myself abroad. The course of my life took a turn in the direction of property development and holiday home management. Since then, my work has been devoted to the photography of interiors, exteriors, and architecture of properties.

My photography combines art and technical skills. I focus on styling, setting up scenes, and expert photography. I aim to create images that do more than show a space; they convey a lifestyle through carefully arranged scenes that feel welcoming and genuine.

I understand the difficulties of preparing a property for sale or marketing only to be let down by subpar photography. While modern smartphones can capture impressive images, professional photographers and stylists are incomparable. I offer comprehensive photography services, engaging closely with clients to elevate their spaces. My work involves meticulous styling, perfect composition, and advanced post-production techniques to showcase each space at its best.

In addition to my professional and personal practice, I’m pursuing an MA in Photography at Falmouth University and will graduate in April 2024.