I'm a Devon-based freelance photographer of residential and commercial interiors, architecture and portraiture.
I work with interior designers, architects, holiday rental agencies, developers and private owners with a keen eye for detail and a passionate focus on staging and styling each space to convey story and lifestyle.
The cameras I currently shoot with are the
Sue Vaughton

I don’t remember a single day when I haven’t looked at the world around me and wanted to reach for my camera. Beauty really is all around, you just have to notice it for it to change your everyday experiences and live in the moment.

As a full-time photographer, my specialism over the past 15 years has been in property interiors, exteriors & architecture. And in late spring 2020, a renovation project to transform a generous home space into a photography studio was complete — a beautiful light-filled area, perfect for creative portraiture, family shoots and commercial work.

I’ve also previously owned and managed a successful holiday rental agency and truly understand the persuasive influence photography plays in business. I consider my ability to style each shoot, capture the imagination and tell a story that inspires, as my greatest superpower.


My early childhood was enthusiastically recorded through the lenses of my Dad’s camera trio – a Canon Super 8 Auto Zoom 518, his Canon FT-QL SLR and Polaroid Land Camera 180. Real cutting edge tech in the ’60s & ’70s and I’m so very grateful for his avidity. Tragically, his living years were short and in Jan ’74, suddenly he was gone.

In the years that followed, I’d dip in & out of my Dad’s stash of boxed slides absorbing the memories of our life overseas and sought comfort gazing through the illuminated window of my hand-held slide viewer at each transparent treasure – it was inescapable that his photo-passion would percolate.

I couldn’t wait to leave school and headed off to art college but my photo-heart couldn’t be broken and after more study – three years later, I left with a BA Hons in Photography.

I went straight into Medical Photography where my photography career began.