I’m a Devon-based photographer of residential and commercial interiors, architecture and portraiture.

I work with interior designers, architects, hoteliers, holiday rental agencies, restaurateurs, developers and private owners. With a keen eye for detail, I focus on staging and styling each space to express its story and evoke a certain lifestyle.

Sue Vaughton

Thanks to my dad, I have forever been fascinated by photography, atmospheric homes and interesting living environments. He was a petroleum engineer, and his job meant frequent relocations for our family across the world. I was born in Bahrain and have some very vivid memories of many houses we lived in from Libya and Tehran to New Orleans and more! My early childhood was enthusiastically recorded through the lenses of my dad’s cameras – he was obsessed with documenting our lives overseas and I’m so grateful to him for instilling a passion for photography in me. 

This curiosity for taking photographs continued as I grew up. I couldn’t wait to leave school and head off to art & design college to study photography. Three years later, I had my degree and started my career in medical photography. The travel bug hit again and after moving abroad I focused on developing and refurbishing residential properties and holiday homes and running rental management businesses. My love for property influenced my photography and for the last 15 years, I have specialised in property interiors, exteriors and architecture. 

combine the best of photography and styling.

I blend my extensive experience of staging and styling interiors with beautifully lit and composed photography to create images that will successfully market or sell your property or space. I truly understand the persuasive role photography plays in selling a lifestyle. It’s so much more than just pointing and shooting – it’s a question of styling each composed shot with appropriate props to make sure that the photos really stand out, creating an inviting, authentic ambience that draws people in.

I know how frustrating it can be to pour your life and soul into getting a property ready for marketing or sale only to stumble at the final fence when it comes to lacklustre photography. And although iPhones can take some pretty amazing pictures these days, there’s nothing like having a professional photographer and stylist to manage the process. I can take care of everything, working with you to get the very best out of your space, whether that’s satisfying my obsession with attention to detail in styling a room, crafting the best composition or meticulously blending multiple frames in post-production.

Sue is also working towards her MA in Photography at Falmouth University.