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Why Professional Photography is so Important for your Business

commercial brand photography

Everyone has a camera of some sort, right?

There’s hardly a soul that doesn’t know how to point and click, and, yes, for selfies, social media and fun memories these photos are great, but for your business … probably not.

Whether you’re an interior designer, holiday home owner, architect, estate agent, own a café or any type of business, you need your product or expertise to be noticed.  In this hyper-competitive world every business needs to market themselves effectively and as we all know, people buy with their eyes!

Professional photography communicates faster and more persuasively than any other medium, especially to those who value quality (emotional connection) and leads them to appreciate that care in your marketing will lead to care in all other aspects of your business dealings.

Whether you want high quality photos for print advertising, marketing brochures and materials, your website, or even Facebook – all photography needs to maintain the consistency of your brand and focus on the type of customer you’d like to attract.

Studies have proved that featuring the right images on your website can make a measurable and powerful difference to your business sales or conversions.  A piece of advice that crops up over and over again when it comes to choosing optimal imagery, is not to use stock photos – they look cheap and have no authenticity or emotional resonance to your business. As in life generally, emotion makes all the difference in the world.

A professional photographer knows the tricks of the trade, they can help to highlight your best business features and encourage customers to engage with you. Poor quality photos can be a reflection on your business itself and as the slogan says – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether you’re photo savvy or not, it’s important for every business owner to understand the importance and use of strong photography. So, the next step is to take a hard look at what you and your business may be currently communicating through your visual media.

If you’d like to upgrade your photography and give yourself the best chance of increasing business, I’d love to help you. I specialise in photography for business success!

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